5 Reasons Why You Don’t Look Good In Pictures + How To Fix It

Are you that person who stops like a deer in headlights when a photographer is trying to get a photo of you? Don’t worry, as an event photographer, I can safely tell that you’re not the only one. We do it ourselves. No one wants a bad photo that could be used time and time again at milestone events for a good laugh.

An unflattering angle, a mouthful of food or an unfortunate blink of the eyes can ruin an image completely, but that’s why we’re here today so we can tell you our 5 top reasons why you don’t look good in pictures and how to fix it.

Act natural and pretend the camera isn’t there!

Act natural and pretend the camera isn’t there!

You’re Lacking Confidence

Are you a little camera shy? Finding the confidence in yourself can be the hardest part of looking good in a photo but the trick is to make sure feeling your best. Put your best frock on, glam yourself up and surround yourself with your loved ones and the confidence will come rolling in. On top of that, why not introduce yourself to the event photographer? We love to get to know everyone and it may make you feel a little more confident when the time comes for your photo.

Your Smile Is Fake

Many people are insecure about their smiles - and it shows! As an event photographer, I can honestly say the best photos are the ones with genuine smiles that radiate real emotion. If you’ve been asked to get your photo taken or you can see the photographer getting a shot of you from the distance, just continue smiling naturally as if the photographer isn’t even there.

You’ve had a bit too much to drink

If you’ve had a bit too much to drink, stay away from the photographer at all costs. Nobody, especially you, wants to have your drunken rampages or embarrassing dance moves caught on camera. Leave that to Snapchat. Try to remember to not approach the photographer intoxicated as it might be something you’ll regret the following morning. Leave it to the photographer to capture the important moments.

You Don’t Know Your Best Angles

Most of us don't like to see ourselves in photographs but that’s just because we don’t fully know what our best angles are yet. Figuring out what your most flattering angles are can be a game-changer. So what you need to do is practice with a mirror and strike a pose and see what you think looks best. Just remember, practice makes perfect.

You’re Trying Too Hard

When an event photographer approaches you, don’t automatically pose and turn into a statue. The most stunning and influential images are the ones that are candid and full of personality. Remain natural and keep the moment authentic.

There we have it. Our five reasons why you don’t look good in photos but how you can fix them. One thing to remember, you’re still beautiful anyway.

What do you think? Are you guilty of any other the reasons? Hopefully, next time we see you at an event your image is a stunner. See you then.

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