Hi, my name is Frankie.

We might not know each other just yet, but did you know that we're actually quite alike? We both enjoy the moments in our lives that are so beautiful, that they deserve to be remembered for years to come. That’s why we appreciate capturing photographs to ensure our special moments last a lifetime.

Photography has the most incredible power to preserve moments and feelings. It's because of that, I knew exactly what my path was the moment I picked up my first camera as a child. Flash-forward to 2019, my passion still lives on and I've made my mark as an Adelaide event photographer for over 10 years now.

As an Adelaide event photographer, I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I hope that all my current and future clients can see that from the images I produce. My style of work is often described as candid moments oozing with personality, always delivering a story in each image. It’s with feedback like this that I feel incredibly privileged to be able to photograph the most beautiful moments in my client's lives.

If you’re looking for an Adelaide event photographer, and if you feel that my style suits you perfectly, then get in touch, and together we can create something special.

Lewis Whittenbury

Hi, my name is Lewis.

Curiousity killed the cat, but fortunately I’m not a feline.

I’m curious about the world around us, and what it has to offer, thus why I want to work with you, no matter the industry.

I’m an Adelaide fullstack marketer, specialising in content marketing. I’ve been sharpening my trade for the past 7 years, fresh from University of Adelaide- straight into the furnace of the Adelaide film industry, working with Closer Productions.

Over the past several years, my trade in the world of hotels has led me to develop marketing teams and shift the Australian hotel industry into the digital age. Hotels embedded into me the ethos that no matter who walks through your doors, or into your business, you treat with respect and that equality is a norm.

Frances and I align well with our work, as we see candid moments as a gateway to reality, rather than staged imagery. We’ve seen that this type of content reasonates well with audiences, as big data from the majority of businesses’ social channels we’ve worked with, shed light on that trend.

Want to work together to succeed with your branding, digital, strategic, photography or videography goals? Let’s grab a coffee.