New Year, New Resolutions for 2019

This year, I’m all about improving my game. After many successes last year, now’s the time to work on what I can improve on in 2019. One of the best ways to do that is to strengthen my work by setting realistic goals for the year to come.

I’ve listed 5 of my professional New Year resolutions that I want to work on in 2019. If any of the goals listed below sounds like something you’d want to be part in, let me know.

  1. Collaborate with local photographers.

    There are so many photographers based in Adelaide that I would absolutely love to collaborate with. I believe we all have something to learn and teach each other. That’s why this year, I’d love to try and push a few meetups, collaborations and Instameets this year! Feel free to contact me if you’re interested!

  2. Photograph top 2019 South Australian Events.

    With the Launch of Frankie The Creative, it was always my intention to become a photographer that specialises in event photography. Last year, I had a great start with the Handpicked Festival, Lucky Dumpling Markets, and the Village Markets in the Gold Cost. Now in 2019, I aim to be able to shoot at all the top 2019 Adelaide events. Expect to see my photographs at the Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, Tour Down Under and the So French, So Chic Festival (to name a few!).

  3. Proposal Photo Shoot.

    I’ve had the honour to be able to photograph a few proposals over the years. I truly appreciate being given the trust to photograph moments as big as these, that’s why I’d love to be able to photograph some more. 2019 future brides and grooms, where you at?

  4. Newborn Photo Shoot.

    I’ve spent years photographing families with all different ages of children, but no newborns. This year, that’s going to change! I’d love to be able to celebrate the new year by photographing a baby born in 2019. Who’s due this year?

  5. Learn new editing skills.

    This year, I want to learn new editing skills that will eventually take my photographs to a whole new level. I’m thinking colour correction workshops, portrait retouching tutorials and even learn advanced video editing for future endeavours! Does anyone have a tutorial online they’d like to share with me?

What about you? Do you have any professional New Year’s resolutions set for 2019?