Adelaide Portrait Photographer: Rachel & Family


I’m no stranger to family photo shoots. It was only a couple of years ago that I began following my passion to capture raw and genuine moments otherwise missed during life's busy schedule. After quite a long hiatus travelling the world and taking on every opportunity to develop new skills, it was only last month that I booked my first family photo shoot for 2018.

‘How exciting’ … ‘Do I still have it in me'?’ … ‘Will they like me?’ All of these thoughts and many more were running through my head mere moments upon meeting my very first clients on the sun-kissed Semaphore beachfront last month. The sun was slowly setting, and my clients wishes of having a golden sunset as their backdrop was slowly becoming reality.

During our initial conversations, Rachel had informed me that she would be bringing her “tribe” on the day. I thought to myself, ‘that sounds like fun’ - and I was right. Rachel’s tribe (aka husband and children) were the most energetic, charismatic photography subjects I could have ever asked for. What a perfect chance to create some memories.