South Australian Accommodation Photography: My Sister & The Sea

The Yorke Peninsula is synonymous with holiday adventures for many Adelaideans. Whether it be a bootstrapped camping trip with overcooked marshmallows on the campfire, cooped up in a family friend’s shack on the beachfront or lounging around under the canopy of a camper trailer – we’ve all been there. My Sister & The Sea has all of the above, and then some.

After scoping out the copious amounts of fireplaces, wanderlusting daybeds, the nautically themed bedrooms and finally surveying the afternoon light filtering in throughout the living room, we unpacked. And the most important things came out first.

Let’s set the scene. Board games have taken a resurgence in our friendship group, so much so that half the car boot was full of them on the way up. There’s several sides to every story. Lewis’ take: Frances, at 27, won her first game of Monopoly (should really be added to our about section) - at the death. Frankies’ take: I’M THE MONOPOLY CHAMPION! That set the tone for the long weekend at My Sister & The Sea. Not that our group of friends had been held ransom by Frankie’s dominant Monopoly stance, but the mood was from then designed for relaxation and kinship. A mood worthy of the property (of which Frankie owned a lot in Monopoly).

If there’s one feeling to describe My Sister & The Sea, and our other Slow Stay, HideyHole Hut, is their cathartic nature. If it’s fully opening up about how you’re feeling deep down around the campfire toasting marshmallows, cooking your most loved dishes for your most loved ones, or curling up on the daybed watching the raindrops on the window race against each other with a cuppa in hand - it’s simply good for the heart.

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