Adelaide Photographer: HideyHole Hut x Slow Stays Collaboration


Did you know that this hideaway retreat is only a 25 minute drive from Adelaide? It’s called the HideyHole Hut and it’s a unique glamping experience that overlooks a biodiversity hotspot in the Adelaide Hills.

It was the weekend before Christmas that I had the opportunity to collaborate with Slow Stays and HideyHole to update their Airbnb images. You can see below some of the final results. I had such a perfect evening to capture all that the hideaway has to offer.

What do you think? Looks tranquil, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more that Adelaide has to offer with its Slow Stays. Read about our accommodation photography shoots in the form of My Sister & The Sea, as well as Ode to the Orchard. If you like what you’ve seen, and want to update your Airbnb accommodation photography or want to simply collaborate, get in contact with us today.