Adelaide Event Photography: Modere Shape Influencer Launch

“I don’t care about people’s expectations about me. I care about my own of myself” - Lola Berry. A fitting sentiment for the current age of social media, and one that we should onboard in our own daily rituals. That’s what guests were treated to at the Modere SHAPE Influencer Launch. SHAPE is Modere’s latest product to launch, and according to their website, “is suitable for people watching their carbohydrate intake or seeking to induce ketosis by including more dietary fats”.

Walking upstairs to Plant 4 Bowden, (our local market in Bowden aaand one of our favourite engagement party venues, guests were treated to a shot of happiness (no, not caffeine, but green energy elixir) and were opened up to fairy lights, greenery and an array of activations and Modere products. Being first thing in the morning (and an extremely chilly one, may we add), breakfast was on the cards, however most punters elected to stave away from the immaculate grazing table provided by Nutrition Republic prior to their F45 session.

Post-mingling, greets and meets, punters were gifted to the hands of the F45 Unley crew, who gifted the Modere influencers with their (potentially second) morning workout. A few mountain crawlers, squats and pushups, followed up with hi5s all around sent the venue buzzing, and acted as a great segue for a discussion with Allana Hinks, Sales & Marketing Manager, Sonja Dunbar, Brand Manager and the aforementioned Nutritionist, Author & Yoga Teacher, Lola Berry about the new Modere Shape launch.

The come down, for any health fitness brand, of course, was a light yoga session to finish - with attendants perusing the Modere products and chatting to the naturopath afterwards - ready for the day.

We enjoy indoor plants, playing with friends’ cats and being Adelaide event photographers - if you’re interested in any of those, reach out to us today (especially if it’s the latter).